CortecNet will happily replace products that don't bring you entire satisfaction and deficient items can be returned upon conditions listed below.

Verification of merchandise, notification of defects

Customer is obliged to verify the quantity and the condition of the merchandise upon delivery.
Incomplete delivery or defects which are visible at the time of the receipt of the merchandise, have to be immediately notified to CortecNet. Otherwise the merchandise will be considered as having been accepted by Customer. Defects which become visible in a later moment have to be notified by Customer to CortecNet without delay per e-mail, fax or telephone. CortecNet shall in such a case provide Customer with identical replacement merchandise.


Customer has the right to return any merchandise that does not suit him within 14 days after receipt of the merchandise.
CortecNet will only accept returns of merchandise in their original condition, in the original packaging and accompanied by the invoice.
After return of the merchandise, CortecNet shall reimburse the price of the returned merchandise and the invoiced delivery charges to Customer within 30 days upon receipt of the returned merchandise. The costs of the return postage will be charged to Customer.


CortecNet guarantees during a year after the date of shipping of the merchandise purchased through this website, except for reagents (chemicals, biochemicals, kits, etc), that the merchandise has the quality required for its functionality. All further warranty claims are excluded.

Services to customer

Should Customer encounter regarding the purchased merchandise any problems or have any questions concerning the functioning or maintenance, Customer may contact the customer service of CortecNet by e-mail or telephone for advice and assistance.