Labeled Protein Expression

Labeled Protein Expression

CortecNet team of scientists collaborates with researchers from Pasteur Institute, the French Atomic Energy Commission, and Taiyo Nippon Sanso (Japan). Together with our partners, we have developed original strategies for labeled protein expression with stable isotopes using E. coli, insect cell, mammalian cell and cell free expression systems. The expertise developed in the last few years enables us to address challenging questions such as:

  • How to select the appropriate expression media?
  • How to avoid scrambling of labeled amino acids?
  • How to optimize the yield?
  • How to incorporate a specifically labeled amino acid into the protein?
  • What is the optimal protocol to follow?
  • How to label membrane proteins?

Thanks to these developments, CortecNet can assist you for your protein expression with stable isotopes.

CortecNet provides services such as:

  • production of your labeled protein in our laboratory
  • consulting from our team of experts for complicated cases (cytotoxic proteins, proteins with low stability, folding problems, purification problems, etc)

Every request for labeled protein expression will be carefully evaluated by our experts to determine the feasibility of your project and select the appropriate expression system to meet your research needs and product specifications. Further technical details and contract terms will be discussed after signature of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

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