Custom Synthesis

Custom Synthesis

Over the past eight years, our team of scientists has acquired expertise in the chemistry of labeled compounds with 13C, 15N, D, 17,18O, and has also constituted a stock of raw materials, that can be readily used for custom synthesis of labeled compounds.

We are proud to offer custom synthesis of small organic molecules labeled with 13C, 15N, D, 17,18O of research or pre-clinical grade.

Our 15,000 ft2 R&D and production laboratory located in Les Ulis, France is fully equipped with reactors of 1-50 liters capacity along with state-of-the-art analysis installations (NMR, MS, HPLC, GC, UV…), which allows the production, purification and analysis of quantities of labeled compounds at scales ranging from grams to kilograms. All products are manufactured following Standard of Operation Procedures (SOP) and submitted to an extensive Quality Control (QC) protocol to meet your specific requirements for Chemical Purity and Isotopic Enrichment. A certificate of analysis, usually comprising chemical purity, a measurement of enrichment and other appropriate analytical tests is provided along with the product.

Every request for custom synthesis of stable isotope labeled compound will be carefully evaluated by our team of scientists to determine our capability to meet your requirements, applications and product specifications. Further technical details and contract terms will be discussed after signature of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

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