5 mm Heavy Wall Precision High Pressure NMR Tube, 7" (500 MHz)

• Precision NMR tube
• High Pressure
• Heavy Wall
• 7" long
• MHz Rating: 500 Mz
Pressure NMR Tubes are used for medium range pressure (<300 psi) and ultra vacuum (10-8 torr) experiments. The tubes are designed to connect to a 1/8" metal (SST or brass) vacuum line using Swagelok® fittings or a rubber vacuum hose using a glass connector (OF-60). The PV-ANV valve is made of PTFE and all other parts are Pyrex® or equivalent. Valve is opened by turning counterclockwise.

Due to the nature of glass, extreme caution should be exercised when using at elevated or reduced pressures as performance of tubes under pressure or vacuum cannot be guaranteed. Adequate safety shielding should always be used when working in these conditions.

Product Specifications:
• Length: 7 inches
• Thickness: 1.40 mm
• Concentricity: 51 µm
• Camber: 51 µm
• Maximum pressure: 200 psi
More Information
Manufacturer Wilmad

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