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CortecNet analytical products

About CortecNet

CortecNet was founded in 1995 with a special focus on the NMR field. We are one of the leading supplier in Europe of NMR consumables and stable isotopes, with a strong partnership with Bruker.

CortecNet distributes Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) consumables and stable isotope enriched compounds. We provide various consumables, including  NMR tubes and NMR rotors. We also provide stable isotope enriched products, including deuterated solvents, uniformly and selectively labeled amino acids, uniformly and selectively labeled carbohydrates, isotopic gases, metal isotopes, deuterated lipids and labeled protein standards. In addition, CortecNet offers biological products, such as antibodies, elisa kits, and molecular biology from ADI; analytical products, including, NMR, EPR consumables, seringes and GC columns from SGE, UV-Visible / IR consumables, CHN,O,S;AAS;ICP/ICP-MS consumables. 

CortecNet is headquartered in Paris suburb, Voisins-le-Bretonneux, France and has a subsidiary located in Brooklyn to serve the US  market.

CortecNet Team

CortecNet is composed of a team of analytical engineers capable to understand and fulfil all your needs.
We built a strong partnership with the major players in the analytical products field such as Bruker. Over the past 10 years we built a supply chain to fulfill all the orders in the shortest time and at a very competitive price. We completed this supply chain by an efficient and easy to use website.

Products :